Animation & HD Video Projects

Animation & HD Video Projects

Earth Day Animation –  Event Ad

Animations for The Bubble Guys


Amaze Me New York Public Cable TV Series With Renown Writer Lorna Byrne at ARE Center

Amaze Me New York Public Cable TV Series With writer, John Van Auken, at ARE Center. John’s topics include spirituality, reincarnation, ancient mystical practices, rejuvenation of the body, dreams, meditation, prophecy, mysticism, and Edgar Cayce’s concepts. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including the FOX show Opening the Tomb Live from Egypt, Modern Marvels’ The Pyramids, PBS’s Religion Today and Spiritual Alternatives, several shows on the The History Channel, including two appearances on Digging for the Truth, Discovery and the SciFi Channel, including the popular show Quest for Atlantis!

Jack Rosen demos Edgar Cayce’s Castor Oil techniques at the ARE Center.

3D Animation, UNDO – Experimental SciFi Short (Film Festival Selection).

At Light’s End – Horror Movie Trailer

2D Animation, Conversations With Myself – Experimental Thriller, Animation Short (Film Festival Selection).


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